/u/Odonoptera on Legacy Transfers Part 2: The Return

Discussion in 'Dev Tracker' started by overview for Odonoptera, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Made some changes to the OP based on updated information. We expect to be able to open the bonus vanity transfer next week. There is no planned cutoff date for the service, but it still can only be used once. Previously, we had stated that this upcoming transfer was only available to those who had used the service once in the past. Now, in addition to this, we are also opening the service for those that were eligible in the past, but didn't use the service before it ended on September 4th. To clarify, this means that you had a SWL account that we copied from a TSW account (From late June--TSW accounts made after June 22nd were not eligible) Please note that this upcoming transfer is still ONLY for cosmetic items (clothing, mounts, emotes, pets); membership status, weapon unlocks, and character slots ARE NOT provided in this upcoming transfer. If anything else changes with this, we'll keep you posted. Thank you!

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