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    Hello from Norway! I'm out at the Funcom HQ in Oslo this week for some major launches this week + preparing for gamescom. This has been a pretty eventful week as well, so here's the roundup:

    • Tokyo: Back to the Beginning is now available as of the 16th of August. The first of three installments that take place within this region, Tokyo continues the story from Transylvania by tasking you to return to the place where everything as you know it began. New content releases are due over the next several weeks, including Outer Kaidan (Beyond the Wall) in approximately 4 weeks, the Orochi Tower in another 2 after that, and then a previously-unreleased Lair in Tokyo a couple weeks after that.

    • Known Issues from Tokyo Launch - With the release of Tokyo were a few technical issues. In our efforts to fix some crashes (including the infamous crash-on-exit), we updated the client package, which left some players unable to run the game due to missing or outdated .dll dependencies. A workaround was to manually update your Visual C++ libraries, but we've gone and packaged that update in a new version of the client as of the latest patch (August 17). Additionally, we goofed up and left a nontrivial number of players unable to enter Tokyo. Yesterday's hotfix should fix the vast majority of these players, but we are aware of some edge cases. Players still lacking a mission or SMS message to proceed in the story after Transylvania should open a petition ingame.

    • Weapon Skins - This system is now available to all players. Any time you obtain and equip a weapon with a special appearance (or "skin"), you'll learn it in the dressing room and may apply it to any other weapon of the same type. This was not retroactive and weapon 'moulds' from TSW could not transfer to SWL due to technical limitations of the system.

    • Funcom Point to Aurum Transfer - This system is now available for those who recently purchased Funcom Points and you should read up on the way the service works works as well as its limitations. We're closely watching feedback and boy howdy you've got a lot of it. This service ends September 4th, which leads into...

    • TSW Legacy Transfer Ends September 4th - In sync with the above service, the TSW Legacy Transfer officially ends September 4th as well. We originally stated as ending "sometime in August", after some deliberation, we decided to move it into the first week of September.

    • Oh yeah the whole TV Show thing
    • Now that Tokyo is out we're working on releasing the New York Raid instance in the next couple of weeks. Further adjustments to mechanics, items, etc. are to be announced.
    • A Build Manager is definitely in the works, although I have no ETA to offer at this time.
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    I think that covers this week? Please let me know if I missed any important news bits from the past week. Thanks all!

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