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    So I have worked out a way to use Sword in the secondary slot without slotting Spirit Blade but still getting damage out of your Chi.

    There are 2 key components to this. The Shattered Hellblade and Dancing Blade elite (w/ passive). Shattered Hellblade converts Chi into damage when spirit blade breaks. Dancing Blade (w/ passive) gives you 3 charges of spirit blade at the end of the channel, forging the blade with 3 charges if needed. DB doesn't consume your chi when you forge like this.

    So it plays like this. Use Dancing Blade > Tsunami to burn your 3 charges > Sword breaks and Chi built is discharged as damage. It works well and fits with any primary weapon you don't need the elite for.

    Elite cooldown reductions obviously contribute to this a great deal. Also the Warrior's Spirit passive provides a lot of value (damage and +1 chi on blade break). I often take Impale Spirit for Expose or use the Sword interrupt for grouping (as needed).