Seeking: AR solo build WITHOUT Grenade

Discussion in 'Solo' started by NemesisKismet, Nov 19, 2017.

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    You guys did so well with my "remember I'm dumb" blood/fist combo that I thought I'd consult you again. So what I'm seeking is an AR build that solos well but doesn't require the grenade mechanic. I love AR but I do not like the new grenade mechanic. I just don't have enough attention span for it and I end up not pressing the button fast enough to not self-explode. Booo. So please, help a girl out!

    My friend managed to start it without grenade by switching weapons after the tutorial. Apparently, if you don't take any grenade skills, no mechanic.
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    You'll still have to eventually buy grenade abilities, or lack AR capstones and lvl 9 for other capstones.
    So, if you want a deck with no grenade management, your best bet would be to acquire Infernal Loader weapon, and equip Explosives Expert passive. Former gives you +7.5% AR damage while you have a grenade loaded, latter increases "grenade loaded" time window to 9 seconds. Additionally, Backup Plan passive gives you +10% AR damage for 4 seconds if your grenade loading procs while you already have a grenade loaded.
    With this as a basis, you can use full upper lines of active/passive pages to fill out the slots, plus Tactical Retreat (with passive it's always 10 meters dash on 4 seconds CD) if you want mobility. Might also look to Jungle Style passive to ease up on energy management.
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    It's now possible to have a proper grenade-less assault rifle build using the new Hellfire Assault Launcher weapon from the Winter Cache. The damage dealt by the weapon's extraordinary effect is roughly 50% of the damage dealt by Incendiary Grenade (with the 2 energy spent on Incendiary Grenade taken into account), which is essentially the same as Incendiary Grenade before it was buffed.

    I've added a build template for this to my Solo - How to Build: All Weapons guide.
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    I have an AR/Blood build without grenades and I do it by equipping a passive that prevents you from taking damage when grenade goes off. So even though I don't have a grenade ability equipped, obviously the effect still goes off, but it doesn't harm me at all so I just ignore it. I can't find any SWL calculators to find the name of the passive for you but it's definitely there.

    Edit: Ok I found a spreadsheet and I think this is the passive I use:

    Explosives Expert - Your skill with explosives allows you to increase the fuse time on your grenades to 9 seconds. Also, your grenades are now fully cooked when they have 6 seconds remaining before detonating. If a grenade detonates before you are able to launch it, you are no longer harmed by the blast and nearby enemies are dealt 2 physical damage.